Sometimes I’ll be talking with a client that I’ve worked with for years and I’ll mention that I can help with their social media marketing and they’ll say, “You set up Youtube channels? You do that too?”  So every now and then, we try and remind everyone that help is available with a range of not only website strategies but marketing, security and other typical requirements such as event registration, newsletters, etc.

Here’s a partial list of things we’ve handled recently: Instagram marketing initiative including original photography, Facebook scheduled updates for upcoming events, CloudFlare account setup and testing, WordPress theme updates, MX Record modifications, site updates (new photos, new stories, new pages, contact changes, adding of blogs), search engine optimization planning, setting up detailed site statistics, contact forms, newsletter mailing lists and design, blog design, forum setup and management in Google Groups, advanced spam filtering, stock photo acquisition and customization, cost-saving strategies, Excel spreadsheet page creation and editing, and so on.

If we touched on anything of interest, please let us know and we’ll set up a phone consultation to consider the best solution for you.