There seems to be no end to new services and products popping up on the web. Here’s a few more that have caught my attention lately (in no particular order):

  • SoundHound – An app that will find the song you hear playing on TV or in a public space.
  • – Show and tell for designers, a good place to get ideas or check out talent.
  • 30 Free Stock Photo Resources – Somewhat limited but the price sure isn’t bad.  Just pay attention to the copyright info.  Most of these don’t require any attribution or have restrictions but some do.
  • Stock Up – A stock photo resource that searches 26 other free stock photo sites.
  • DIY Website Builders Reviewed – A good overview of some popular services like Wix and Squarespace.  Not sure though that these site building products are quite as flexible as he indicates.  Certainly not when compared to WordPress.
  • WordPress Theme Resources – A nice overview of the 6 top providers.  I can recommend ThemeForest, #2 on their list.
  • How Reliable Are Yelp Reviews – A very good story about this popular site.