Every so often, we post some helpful links for commonly asked questions.  We all get used to relying on certain tools and assume everyone else has tapped into them as well.  There’s so much to keep up with technology-wise, the risk of over-sharing seems a worthwhile one.

  • Scam Adviser – Simply type in any url to find if the site is safe to do business with.
  • LiveChat – If your site needs to add a chat service, this is a place to begin checking.  I’ve used them a number of times and have found them effective.
  • Winning WordPress – or Winning WP, is a nice blog that “explores WordPress-related techniques and resources, shares helpful information, and provides useful tips and insights to anybody and everybody with an interest in WordPress.”  If you run into an issue with WordPress, they are a valuable resource.  Or, you can just get in touch with us.
  • Divi vs. Avada – In choosing a WordPress theme you may have come across two of the most popular themes, Divi and Avada.  This article does a beautiful job of reviewing the two and comparing them.  One of the key differences is that Divi has a front-end WYSIWYG visual editor while Avada does not yet have that.  So Divi is somewhat more intuitive and may be easier for some to master.  However, Avada has more umph in its sliders or banners.  The article doesn’t tell you which way to go but does help you understand the advantages of each.  Or, again just ask us.