The Door At Town House Books

How many of your favorite ma and pa stores or great local restaurants have gone out of business? Probably many of them. And larger companies as well. They fail or merge or are devoured by still larger entities. Marshall Fields turns into Macy’s. Feedburner gets bought by Google. Who has an independent hardware store or bookstore in their neighborhood anymore? Actually we’re proud to say we still have our independent bookstore, Town House Books… the image to the right is of their front door.

I think it was the poet William Stafford who said there’s no cause like the lost cause. Apparently my lost cause is providing a personal touch to an increasingly automated business. Or, is it such a lost cause. Maybe not. Knock on wood, I’m still in business after 17 years of practicing the art and craft of creative Web site design. And I believe that’s because some clients are still looking for a true business partnership that they can count on for years to come.

Here’s to those old fashioned virtues: thoughtfulness, kindness, caring, consistency, steadfastness, equanimity… in the context of 21st century technology.