Have you ever been posting a photo from your phone onto Instagram and wished you could edit the image before uploading?  Maybe you’d like to crop the image or adjust the color.  The best app I’ve found for both iPhones and Android is ToolWiz.  The app is free but you’ll probably want to spend the $1.59 or whatever it is to remove the ads.  ToolWiz is easy to learn and yet also has an incredible array of filters: including fitting your photo into a square background, color adjustments, desaturation, toning, sharpening, double exposure, tilt adjustment, etc.  Your images on Instagram represent your company and it’s not that difficult to boost the level of quality using this versatile app.

Another very helpful app is Photo Exif Editor which “allows you to view, modify and remove the Exif data of your pictures.”  Exif data stores the GPS location of your photo, even street addresses, and other information you may want to keep private.  This app also is very simple to use.  A few clicks and you can strip the Exif data right from an image before you upload it to Instagram or other social media.

Let us know if you’ve run into other issues with Instagram.  We’re here to help!