Chicago_Sept09 026My first love is creative design.  So, when someone says, “that’s a great looking site,” I’m always pleased.  But if the site doesn’t work properly, the design means nothing.  In fact part of good design is technical proficiency.  Understanding this has made our sites both distinctive and an accurate reflection of the client’s business or organization.  Creativity comes into play in many ways that aren’t strictly visual.  Technical solutions involve a great deal of creativity.  Otherwise, the technology is driving you, rather than you driving it.

With the advent of blogging and CMS (Content Management Systems), the standards for quality design seem to be much lower than they were just a few years ago. We’ve seen this before in the meeting presentation business. The sophisticated and beautiful presentations we did were eventually replaced by PowerPoint done by sales managers and secretaries.

Technology gives more people the ability to create websites on their own and that has its place. But there’s no comparison between most DIY sites and ones that are professionally produced. Some people get that. Some don’t. We don’t insist on convincing anyone.

There are also many stages between a completely custom design — with all the bells and whistles — and your basic WordPress blog. We can give you as much or as little design as your project requires.  Sometimes you just need someone to setup a CMS site for you and you can enter and maintain the site yourself.  Or you have a site but need to make some changes to it and your “web person” is no longer available.  No problem.  The right solution is the one that works best for you.