screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-3-01-06-pmModern Tribe’s Event Calendar is an incredible tool if you’re feeling overwhelmed by having to post so many repeat events.  For instance, if you have a committee meeting every Wednesday at 2pm.  It gets old having to type each one in separately.  This plugin allows you to create recurring events with unusual settings such as “the third Thursday of every month.”  If the event is the same every month, no problem.  If some recurring events need more info, this plugin allows for that.  There’s also a Venue setting for all your usual meeting sites.  Once you’ve created a Venue, it can be used for any event.  The Venue option includes a Google map with a variety of settings including how far in you’d like the map to be zoomed.  I’ve just begun using this with one client but have been very impressed so far.  Lots of flexibility and I love the full month calendar format, rather than just a text list of event names. (In case you’re wondering, I’m not affiliated with Modern Tribe and receive no compensation from them for this review.)