Here are a few questions I’ve been hearing lately with some tips and links for more information.

How do we get our group listed on Wikipedia? This can be quite difficult if your group is not hugely popular or distinctive.  Even then, it can be tricky.  They will let anyone post a story but if you only link back to your site for footnotes, then they will delete the listing.  You have to have really good sources (probably at least 10) from multiple credible media outlets or websites that are unrelated to your group.

What are these tags, widgets, plugins, etc. that I keep hearing about in relation to WordPress?

WordPress Terminology
HTML Center – Most of this you don’t need to understand but they do give some simpler definitions than the WordPress links above do.

How important are meta tags and key words from the WordPress perspective?

Meta Tag info
How to increase traffic

Even if meta tags aren’t as important, how do I handle them with a WordPress site?

Torque review of top SEO plugins
Info on Yoast plugin – a great plugin but quite complex

How do I track the number of site visits, page popularity, links to my site, etc. with a WordPress site?

JetPack plugin information and download – the best free alternative for most smaller sites
JetPack’s site
Google Analytics – the best option if you’re planning to do a lot of marketing with ad words, etc.  Also free.
WP Statistics – I just began using this but would recommend it.  More detail than JetPack.  Free.
CloudFlare – They do much more than statistics but they do offer that as well.  Several versions, one of which is free.

How difficult is WordPress to use?  Installing WordPress and setting it up can be a fairly complex process, but using it for posting new stories is fairly simple.  Afterall it was designed for ordinary folks to be able to manage their own sites. Try it out for yourself.  Go to this Demo Admin Page, enter admin as the user and demo123 as the password.  Start by adding a new post or page.  Posts are blog updates.  Pages are more of a permanent presence on your site.  Go to Appearance/Menus to see how menus work.  All of that said, generally a professional will have a higher standard for any page he or she works on.  So, there’s always a case to be made for working with a pro.

How do I figure out what theme is best for my site?  Start by going to the Theme Forest site and click on category on the left and choose the type of site your looking for.  Then simply go through the demos and see which site feels best to you.  You’ll need to investigate the support that the theme’s creators provide.  Most themes cost between $40- $65.  Here’s a few theme’s that I have experience with and can vouch for:

Buntington – A very solid theme that is well supported and updated regularly.  A simpler theme than the following themes.
Salient – A beautiful theme with all the latest bells and whistles.  Support is good.
Avada – The most popular theme on Theme Forest and probably the most flexible.  With more features comes more complexity though.  The best theme I’ve seen.

Where do I turn for the host for my site? – Widely known as the best WordPress host around.  One site is $29/month and includes daily backups, WordPress updates, and great customer support.  They also provide a staging site for checking out new designs or features.  Others offer much cheaper hosting but usually it’s not “managed hosting” meaning that you have to update WordPress yourself.  Most other hosts don’t have this high level of support either.

Can I keep a backup of my site on my computer?  Yes, using SFTP you can log into your site and download (or upload) all the content, graphics, theme, everything on your site.  You can use a free tool like FileZilla to access your site with SFTP.  You’ll need the IP #, username and password to log in.  Once you have FileZilla setup to do downloads, it’s easy to login and backup your site to your computer.

Is WordPress the only CMS (Content Management System) you recommend?  It’s the one I’m most familiar with and, I think, the best option for sites that I create.  Joomla I found difficult to use and Drupal themes were not as powerful or attractive when I was checking them out.  I haven’t tried these easier to use but less dynamic options which may be a better fit for people trying to manage their site on a small budget and without assistance:

SquareSpace – A client of mine, Kris Porter, has used them to build this site.  She seems happy with them and the site reflects the creativity and personal nature of her business.
Weebly – Another client used Weebly for their photography site.  Has some nice options. – This is the free and much easier to use cousin of  But it is very limited in the design department. – I hear good things but haven’t tried this one out yet.
Others – Here’s a review of these and other services from the PC Magazine site.