Background_Feather1Coming off a summer of seeing an old and dear client close up shop and another one deploying a new site design, makes me aware of the passage of time and the importance of who we work with.  The latter client I’ve been with for sixteen years and counting.  The former was not quite as long of a relationship but I’m sad to see their run end.  In any case, here’s to making our time together count.

If you’ve used Theme Forest you may want to check out a great source for stock photography,, which is part of the Envato Market where Theme Forest resides.  Actually anyone with a free account can access their stock library with most images going for $1-3 per pop.  That’s hard to beat.  The images aren’t as stunning as some stock services but, if you look, there’s good pictures to be found.  You can set up collections of images prior to purchasing them.

Here’s a thoughtful article on data security if you’re up late some night worrying about such things.  Might as well read something useful.  Or, save yourself some time and just invest in password management software.  While that won’t protect you from every attack, it can give some peace of mind and make things more difficult for those who want to take your info, money or whatever.