I Love This!

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Just what you want to hear... and say.  I love my site!  I love my phone!  I love this! Meet Sam... I love this phone! I got a new phone recently and I really do love it.  So many features that are helpful in my daily life.  And it's a beauty.  I call

Stupid Questions? Yes please!

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There are no stupid questions.  None.  So, whatever has you stumped, let me know!  Sometimes such a question opens the door to real discovery.  Sometimes it just helps you open a zip file or figure out how to secure a domain name or setup a Facebook page.  My background was with the creative side of

Remember Rain?

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For those of us dealing with the polar vortex, spring seems like it will never come.  Here's a reminder of what it sounds like when the birds are migrating through in the rain.  I recorded this last fall.  Enjoy!

Let It Snow

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Most of us have had too much winter.  So, why a video of snowfall?  I guess just a reminder of beauty.  There's nothing we can do about the weather.  I for one have thought about moving further south, but this is home.  Given that, maybe it's best to find the beauty.  If possible.  No pressure. 


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Tired of dealing with grumpy techs? Get a little sunflower sunshine in your life. I won't talk too fast or over your head or put you on hold or not get back to you. That's just not how I want to live.No offense to salesmen and saleswomen out there earning their bread but sales tend

At The Table

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The table where we meet to do our work may be virtual but it's still personal. At least with me. I can say I care about my clients but it all gets clouded by the stench of self-promotion that's run rampant lately. My feeling is, given the choice, I'd rather work with people I care

Cost Cutting

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Everyone is trying to figure out how to cut their costs to survive these difficult economic times we find ourselves in.  When it comes to our Web sites, most of us can't live without ours.  It's not something we can simply stop maintaining.  But how do you maximize that investment?  That's the question.  So here's

Giving Back

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It's easy to let these rough economic times make us overly aware of what we don't have.  The reality is, for most of us, we're still doing far better than people around the world living in poverty.  Sometimes your perspective receives a necessary correction when you reach out to give to someone else.  That's our

More Great Web Resources

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I had lunch today with Lee DeForest who I've worked with for twenty years.  We always have new tech discoveries to share that make our work easier or more effective or just more fun.  Here's some we've scrawled on napkins recently: Setting Up Online Donations for Nonprofits: Razoo.com, Wired For Change and Network for Good

Managing Your Domain Name

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Through the years we've seen the problems clients can find themselves in when a domain name is not properly managed.  With so many other responsibilities it's easy to lose track of renewing a domain.  If you've changed your email address, you may not even be able to renew the domain.  There's also some security issues