Finding A Balance

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If you have concerns about how quickly your site loads on your browser, you're not alone.  Many factors contribute to load time including server speed, the time of day, your local connection, and the computer or device you're using.  There are a number of free tools for checking your site speed including and

Instagram Support

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Have you ever been posting a photo from your phone onto Instagram and wished you could edit the image before uploading?  Maybe you'd like to crop the image or adjust the color.  The best app I've found for both iPhones and Android is ToolWiz.  The app is free but you'll probably want to spend

Faster Page Loads

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Probably the simplest thing you can do to speed your page load times is to compress your images. is a great resource for this.  Go to their page and upload your image and they'll quickly compress it for you and you can download an image often a third the size of your original

Avada WordPress Theme

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I switched my site from the Salient theme to Avada this month and am very pleased with how easy it is to work with.  Avada is by far the most versatile and powerful theme I've used.  The support has been great whenever I run into a question.  They seem to have thought of everything

Still More Resources

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There seems to be no end to new services and products popping up on the web. Here's a few more that have caught my attention lately (in no particular order): SoundHound - An app that will find the song you hear playing on TV or in a public space. - Show and tell for