GDPR Update

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If you have customers or members in the EU you probably know about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by now. Here are some links to overviews of the new privacy regulations happening in regards to EU users of websites and the data that is collected on them.  At the bottom, are several solutions for

You Do That Too?

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Sometimes I'll be talking with a client that I've worked with for years and I'll mention that I can help with their social media marketing and they'll say, "You set up Youtube channels? You do that too?"  So every now and then, we try and remind everyone that help is available with a range

Great Events Plugin for WordPress

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Modern Tribe's Event Calendar is an incredible tool if you're feeling overwhelmed by having to post so many repeat events.  For instance, if you have a committee meeting every Wednesday at 2pm.  It gets old having to type each one in separately.  This plugin allows you to create recurring events with unusual settings such as

Tech Support

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I haven't tried AVG's new remote tech support product AVG Go but, having used their other products for years, it's worth checking out if you don't have a good tech support person locally. It's $100 to get started and then $10/month for 3 products. With that plan you have the following coverage: Advanced software setup

Spring News

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It has been a busy winter and there's much to catch up on.  Here are a few links that you may be interested in checking out: Want to build your own App?  Check out AppMachine Tired of paying Adobe's high prices for Photoshop?  Try out a free alternative: GIMP.  You can set it up to look

Font Fun

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Choosing the right font can make the difference between a boring and exciting site. With WordPress themes often the choice has been made for you or at least limited to several pleasing options. One use of fonts, that you may not know about, is as icons. Like so: . That's the icon used often for Retina