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All work and no play makes Jack (or anyone else) a dull boy.  The end of winter brings the chance to get outside again and enjoy life... especially after the polar vortex extremes we've experienced.  It's interesting how our culture seems to have an aversion to play and relaxation.  Here's the definition of downtime:n. The amount of

One Strategery

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I enjoy seeing new words or phrases being minted. Our former president was good for a few. Gloria on Modern Family is good for one about every episode: volumpsuous, a doggy-dog world, car-pool tunnel syndrome, etc.. If you enjoy words, you ought to sign up for I have a list of my own neologisms there

Great Looking Site

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My first love is creative design.  So, when someone says, "that's a great looking site," I'm always pleased.  But if the site doesn't work properly, the design means nothing.  In fact part of good design is technical proficiency.  Understanding this has made our sites both distinctive and an accurate reflection of the client's business or