A Local Alternative to Amazon

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If you're one of those who shop for books online but don't like supporting Amazon, there's finally a great alternative for you to check out.  Bookshop.org launched early this year and gives independent bookstores free access and technology to build their own online presence.  Basically, your local indie bookstore sets up an account and

Tech Support

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I haven't tried AVG's new remote tech support product AVG Go but, having used their other products for years, it's worth checking out if you don't have a good tech support person locally. It's $100 to get started and then $10/month for 3 products. With that plan you have the following coverage: Advanced software setup

Tech Survival Skills

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I've been thinking about how difficult it has become for many people to cope with the intrusion of technology into their daily lives.  As soon as you get up in the morning, your phone wants to download updates and some of them need your approval.  I know my computers require something to be updated every


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All work and no play makes Jack (or anyone else) a dull boy.  The end of winter brings the chance to get outside again and enjoy life... especially after the polar vortex extremes we've experienced.  It's interesting how our culture seems to have an aversion to play and relaxation.  Here's the definition of downtime:n. The amount of

Bipolar Vortex or Just March Madness

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First signs of life at the Japanese Gardens in Fabyan. On the light side A bright spot among all the bracket breaking clatter, in addition to the always compelling cinderella stories, was the very impressive list of player names.  Here's a few of my favorites in no particular order and with my admiration

Remember Rain?

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For those of us dealing with the polar vortex, spring seems like it will never come.  Here's a reminder of what it sounds like when the birds are migrating through in the rain.  I recorded this last fall.  Enjoy!

Let It Snow

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Most of us have had too much winter.  So, why a video of snowfall?  I guess just a reminder of beauty.  There's nothing we can do about the weather.  I for one have thought about moving further south, but this is home.  Given that, maybe it's best to find the beauty.  If possible.  No pressure.