More Helpful Resources

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Every so often, we post some helpful links for commonly asked questions.  We all get used to relying on certain tools and assume everyone else has tapped into them as well.  There's so much to keep up with technology-wise, the risk of over-sharing seems a worthwhile one. Scam Adviser - Simply type in any

Avada WordPress Theme

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I switched my site from the Salient theme to Avada this month and am very pleased with how easy it is to work with.  Avada is by far the most versatile and powerful theme I've used.  The support has been great whenever I run into a question.  They seem to have thought of everything

Font Fun

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Choosing the right font can make the difference between a boring and exciting site. With WordPress themes often the choice has been made for you or at least limited to several pleasing options. One use of fonts, that you may not know about, is as icons. Like so: . That's the icon used often for Retina

At The Table

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The table where we meet to do our work may be virtual but it's still personal. At least with me. I can say I care about my clients but it all gets clouded by the stench of self-promotion that's run rampant lately. My feeling is, given the choice, I'd rather work with people I care

Stock Images: Inexpensive and Even Free

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Free used to mean lousy quality.  That's not necessarily the case anymore.  We've been referring clients to for years as a high quality source for photography and graphics that is very affordable.  However, we've come across some free sources that you should definitely check out: Smashing Magazine - They also have wordpress themes and