From Slide Shows To Web Sites

A background in the meeting presentation business taught me the importance of paying attention to the audience. In the early days with slide projectors and dissolves on through the emergence of video and electronic presentations, this respect for people has been key to producing media that connects. Since beginning Revenant Design in 1997, this awareness has guided my production of Web sites that are attractive, and easy to navigate. I enjoy my work and my clients. It’s a privilege to be part of their success and life’s work.

selfportrait-HAdditionally, because of my own endeavors in the fine arts, I have a natural affinity for creating Web sites that must reflect a specific sensibility and constellation of aesthetic concerns.

After the site is designed, I continue to support you with content updates and consultations on everything from email problems to event registration, from how to open a Zip file to setting up a Facebook page.  I take your trust seriously and enjoy the long-term aspect of business relationships.

Products Offered: Site Design
HTML Page Production
JAVA, PHP, PERL and CGI Scripting for Forms, Rollovers, Databases, etc.
Hosting Recommendations, Setup and Support
Email Recommendations, Setup and Support
Detailed Site Traffic Statistics
Compliance with Yahoo & Google Standards
Blog Creation and Administration
Domain Name Management
Spam Reducing Agents
Facebook or LinkedIn Management
Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram Setup & Marketing
ListServs, Google Groups, Forums
Content Management Systems (CMS)

The Support You Deserve

My goal is to provide fine quality website design and support for companies and organizations who require a distinctive look for their website and a customer friendly, ongoing service relationship.

The trend in Web design is toward Content Management Systems (CMS) which allows clients to create pages and update information themselves rather than going through a web professional. While there’s definite advantages to CMS, a number of serious pitfalls also exist. Cost savings often is an illusion when you total up your time spent on web updates instead of on your core business, for example. Not to mention start up costs.  With Revenant, many clients feel they have an in-house person handling their site without having to pay taxes, benefits, vacation, training, software updates, computer upgrades, etc.  Even some clients that opt to maintain their own sites, come to us for support where needed.  I’d be happy to discuss this further with you if you’re interested. Everyone’s needs are different and should be treated as such.

Site Updates & Consultations

In addition to the initial site design, Revenant handles site updates: new photos, new stories, new pages, contact changes, adding of blogs, Flash elements, RSS feeds, etc. Changes will be made as soon as possible, often within a few hours and at most within a few days if the changes are simple and I have all the materials in hand. We welcome setting up phone consultations to plan together what’s next for your site. Your hosting service can be managed by us, along with your email. Other services such as search engine optimization, detailed site statistics, contact forms, Captcha, newsletters, blogs, forums, advanced spam filtering, etc can be added at any time.

If you read this far, thanks! You must be seriously looking for an effective solution for your Web site needs. I hope you found something useful here.