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Someone there every step of the way,
offering the support you need.

Let us take care of your web presence
so you can focus on what you do best!

Site Design

If your site doesn't match the image in your mind, then it's time for a change.

Creativity & Flexibility

Get the site design that you want without the aggravation of doing it yourself or paying exorbitant fees for services you don’t even understand. We’ll keep it simple and make you look great!

Updates & Support

To get the most out of your web site, you need regular updates of content.

Give them a reason to visit

We’ll take care of updates for you and give you support with other routine concerns: email, social media marketing, blogging, domain name procurement and management, online security, etc.


Ready when you are!Just a click away.

Count on it

You need to feel confident that you can reach us whenever an issue comes up.  Most of our clients come to consider us to be part of their in-house team.  We’ll be there when you need an answer fast.


Setting up a new site?

Here are a few questions I’ve been hearing lately with some tips and links for more information.

How difficult is WordPress to use?
Installing WordPress and setting it up can be a fairly complex process, but using it for posting new stories is fairly simple. Afterall it was designed for ordinary folks to be able to manage their own sites. Try it out for yourself.


Client Reviews

Wow. Thank you. And wow.
M., Freelance Writer
Thank you! Funny thing: it was just this morning that I was musing on “guardian angels”… and here you are.
K., Land Stewardship Advocate
It’s a terrific site you’ve built, chock full of several of my favorites—William Stafford especially.
B., Mortgage Investment Advisor
I have truly enjoyed working with you. The patience you showed me as I took on getting you updates etc was very much appreciated. Thanks again.
E., Sustainable Community Group
How wonderful it was to work on the website project with you. I have worked on a few website re-designs in my career, and this was the first time I didn’t want to bang my head into the wall during the process. Thank you for teaching me that web re-designs do not have to be so painful! I’m really looking forward to the improved functionality that we have with the new site.
M., University Consortium
The new website was painless for me because you managed it so well and I am pleased that we are getting good feedback on it. So thank you for your good work and being a great partner for so many years.
N., Higher Education Consortium
Working with Mark was a great experience…from his creative communication, to his personable style. Mark knows how to bring a website to life, while capturing the essence of our business.
K., Interior Designer
I have worked with Mark for over 20 years. His competence, integrity and web knowledge is among the highest of any I have had the pleasure to work with in my over 40 years in the graphic business.
L., Ad Agency

What’s New

Great Christmas List For Designers

December 6th, 2020|

Town House Books has a wonderful list for people who love design and architecture.  Makes for great gifts for the designer in your life:


I Love This!

Just what you want to hear… and say. I love my site! I love my web results! I love this! The point is to have the technology work for you. Technology doesn’t have to be scary. The tree I’m jumping out of for instance in this background photograph. It was a cherry tree that you could walk right up into. It was also a Gemini rocket, a schooner, a rampart, a chalet, an elephant and who knows what else. Its job, as far as I was concerned, was to be useful in my playing. Just like my straw hat in the picture was to keep the sun out of my eyes so I could see the lions coming. Technology just helps us keep on playing. 

Have the technology
work for you.